Who are the gamers of obsidian

our legion

A hooded secret that shows itself at a moment’s notice – bringing with them, utter chaos and destruction – masked as an old-time friend or long-lost lover. Within seconds they come and within seconds they go as they destroy anything in their path. 

A join us or die mercenary group of pirates who sweeps through territory like a dark metallic shadow; demanding obedience and respect from all those around them while annihilating all those that stand in their way.







Strength & Honour

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OBSIDIAN is a highly aggressive combat focused legion with players that come from various backgrounds and have extensive experience in space themed strategy MMO games. Our teams current focus lies with EVE Echoes where we are building up our group of anti-blob pirates and mercenaries who believe in quality over quantity.

We believe that fleets are not collectables. When it comes to battles, we will win most, and we will lose some. We will kill and be killed. We will build empires and empires will be lost by our hands and by the hands of our enemies. We will lose friends, we will gain new ones, we may have allies, we may conquer others, we may lose it all and build it back again.

Because in the end it’s our Strength & Honour that will carry us forward through every obstacle we are destined to face.

"We want more fighters so there's more shit to kill."
Alan35 Pan
Elite FC